The Lost Tribe Of Malagoo

I landed in a heap at the bottom of the hill. “Well, that was fun,” I thought to myself as I dusted myself off and picked myself off the jungle floor. And then as if out of nowhere, there it was, right before my very eyes – the lost village of Malagoo! Finally! And to think, if I’d never taken a break from my searching to roll down that hill in my potato sack, I might never have found it!

“Could this really be it?” I said quietly to myself as I stood up to get a better view of the primitive jungle village. “Yes,” a strange voice replied. “Who’s there?” I said with alarm as I reached for my machete. “It is me,” the voice answered. This time I detected a strong Spanish accent. “Oh, good!” I said with relief. My Antonio Banderas impersonation was getting better.

Slowly, I approached the man with the spear who was guarding the entrance to the village. I must say, I can’t blame the guy for the look of utter confusion that overtook his face. If some man in strange clothing was walking towards me in super slow motion, I’d be weirded out too.

The guard took me to the large hut in the center of the village. I pulled back the grass partition and entered to find the Malagoo chief glaring back at me. He was angry, and I knew why. “Sorry about your wall,” I said as I threw the grass to the ground. “It’s just, the entrance was all the way over there,” I explained, pointing to the open doorway.

It was difficult communicating with the chief. I would draw images in the dirt and he would do his best to guess what I was trying to say. In the end though, the communication barrier proved too great, and we finished the Pictionary tournament in last place.

The chief showed me to my room, and I was startled to learn that I would have a roommate. Her name was Candaloo, and she was beautiful. Long brown hair, big brown eyes –  I had to admit, I was smitten. This was by far the most magnificent horse I had ever seen.

In the morning, I ate breakfast with my new friends before departing. I wished to stay longer, but I knew that was impossible. It was only a matter of time before they would visit the sacred treasure room to find it empty, save for the two guards’ corpses.


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