How To Read A Woman’s Body Language

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict whether or not a woman was going to say “Yes,” to you before you asked her out on a date? Well, if you don’t have any tarot cards, then learning how to read body language is a great alternative. Here are some tips that can tell you whether or not you’re barking up the wrong tree:

howtoflirtProximity: If the woman appears standoffish, then she probably is. If she’s backing away from you, then it’s only a matter of time before she makes her escape. Block the path to the doorway to buy yourself some more time. Then give her a gentle touch to let her know you don’t want her to leave. For a good example of how to do this, check out these two lovebirds.

Arms folded in front of chest: this is a defensive move that people use as a subconscious barrier to close themselves off from a conversation. As such, crossed arms may mean “back off.”  However, crossed arms may just mean the object of your affection is cold or wants you to stop staring at her breasts with your mouth agape. In either case, respond by rubbing your hands over her arms to generate some heat. Also, whispering “I like your boobs,” might help her relax.

Hands in pockets: this is a sign that the woman feels relaxed and in control. Why? Probably because she’s about to pull out a canister of mace and she knows how to use it. You should run. Or, take a dating tip from lady’s man Kareem Abdul Jabbar and invest in a pair of “dating” goggles.

Physical contact: Is she playfully shoving you away and saying flirty things like, “Oh, stop” or “leave now or I’m gonna call the cops?” That means she likes you!!!

Smiling: Duh, smiling is a good sign. It means she’s having a good time and hasn’t seen you sneaking up on her yet.

Dilated eyes: small, pointy pupils are bad sign that indicate the lady doesn’t like what she’s hearing or seeing. On the other hand, expanded pupils are a good sign that indicates you should stick around – because it’s the first hint that your Rohypnol is starting to take effect.

Watch the legs: if her legs keep moving apart from each other, then you didn’t tie the rope tight enough. Undo that knot and try again.


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