The Unstoppable Hug!!

unstoppable hugThis Halloween, Miramax Films brings you the horror story to end all horror stories. Forget Saw. Forget Saw II. In fact, you might as well just go ahead and forget the entire Saw series altogether. Because this film murders the face off all those movies combined!

As the old saying goes, all you need is love. But what happens when that love breeds something so terrible, so demonic, and so hateful, that the world is powerless to stop it? I’ll tell you what you get. You get:


Feudal Japan. Satan and his 3-headed dog, Cerberus, emerge from the depths of hell intent on making earth’s surface their new kingdom. But before Satan has a chance to rain sin down on our planet, he happens upon Confucius giving a speech.

Confucius’ teachings of peace and love are convincing. Too convincing. Satan drops his flame sword and he and Cerberus embrace in an EVIL, TWISTED hug! Also, a werewolf happened to catch the speech too, and he rushes in to get in on some that sweet hug action. Together, the rotten hearts of these vile beasts fuse together to form:


Modern day. Young Toshi and his schoolmates have heard stories of an Unstoppable Hug that once rolled across the plains of Japan, plucking souls off the streets and feeding off the inner goodness of mankind to grow bigger, and bigger (and BIGGER)! But that was just a legend.

OR WAS IT!? On a class trip, Toshi and friends stumble upon an odd stone statue. Their teacher tells them it is very old, and probably very valuable. The class is excited. So excited, they all cheer, and come together to embrace in one giant, massive group hug!

Lightning bolts burst from the sky! The shockwave of love cracks the shell of indifference and loneliness binding the stone statue. The Unstoppable Hug is free again! And ready to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting modern world!!

Can anything stop the Unstoppable Hug? Probably not! After all, it isn’t called the “Unstoppable” Hug for nothing!!

But Toshi and his ragtag team of outcasts must try. Will they succeed? Or will the Unstoppable Hug use our own love against us?

With each BONE-CRUSHING, BLOODY bear hug, the Unstoppable Hug grows one step closer to stomping out the human race.

Co-written by the guy that brought you The House on Haunted Hill, and the guy that brought you Herbie the Love Bug, The Unstoppable Hug will love you…TO DEATH!!

Toshi is about to discover that opposites really do attract. In a world where love breeds hate, will love succeed? Find out this Halloween!!

Based on a true story. “Rolling” into a theater near year this October 27!

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