How to be Good at Being a Twin

Do you share your DNA with someone else? If so, then this probably means you are a twin. That, or you are a clone sent from the future to warn our world leaders about “The Great Disaster” (note: this article is not for clones. If you are a clone, please stop reading).

If you do have an identical twin, then you may think that Mother Nature has done all the work for you, and you can just go about with your life like a normal person. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Have you ever been at a party or somewhere else with your twin, and some stranger or acquaintance has asked you, “Say, are you two twins?” If so, then you’re not doing your job right. Twins should be easily identifiable so even the dumbest stranger can tell you two were born on the same day. To alleviate any confusion and properly cater to the preconceived notions of complete strangers, follow these rules to be a good set of twins:

Wear the Same Outfits

Twins should dress alike – all day, everyday – no exceptions. While this may seem obvious to most, the sad fact is that many identicals struggle with the unnatural ideas of personal identity and uniqueness. However, as a twin you are not unique (no matter how much your mother tells you otherwise). As such, wearing the same outfits – preferably sailor suits or some other cute get-up – is the easiest way to tell the world that you and your sibling are twins.

Wear Your Hair the Same Way

You’d be surprised how much a new haircut can alter someone’s appearance. Even the best identical twins can look completely different if one has short hair and the other long. As such, be sure to have the same length of hair, and always wear it the same way. Girls, remember that bows and barrettes are part of an outfit, and should match accordingly.

Tip: If you really feel the need to show your own “uniqueness,” then feel free to part your hair on the opposite side of your head.

Your Names Should Rhyme

Jim and Tim, Candy and Mandy, Carl and Shmarl – hopefully, your parents had the foresight to give you and your sibling rhyming names. If not, then you’ll have to go ahead and legally change them, because no set of twins is worth a lick unless they have rhyming names.

Rhyming names are great because they allow people to infer that you and your sibling are twins even when one of you isn’t in the room. If a girl named Sara refers to her sister Tara, or a boy named Nick refers to a brother named Rick, Mick, Dick or Slick, then it’s pretty safe to assume that the two are twins.

Finish Each Other’s Sentences

If TV has taught us anything, it’s that twins laugh alike, walk alike – at times they even talk alike. Twins share a mystical, almost creepy inner connection with each other. In an effort to display this twin connection to the rest of the world, good twins always finish each other’s sentences. As such, if you find yourself starting and completing any sentence on your own, then you know you’re twin has dropped the ball.

Alternatively, if you get tired of picking up or leaving off where your twin left off in a conversation, you can also mix it up by eerily reciting sentences in unison.


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