The 10 Best Supporting Robots on Futurama

When it comes to robots in Futurama, everyone knows Bender is king. However, there are plenty of other automatons in the 31st century that helped make Futurama one of the funniest shows on the planet. In honor of the show’s return to air, here are ten robots (and robot groups) that we’re looking forward to seeing again:


10. Whalers on the Moon

As far as futuristic robot technology goes, the Whalers on the Moon are pretty dated. Though really no more advanced than the animatronic robots one might see at a 1980s Chuck E. Cheese, these simpletons captured our hearts with their kitschy nature and catchy tune. Naturally, these lame robots work at a lame amusement park on the moon (Luna Park). Watch the Whalers on the Moon song


9. Robot Santa Claus

Created in 2801 for the purpose of judging who has been naughty and who has been nice (and thus receives presents), Robot Santa Claus unfortunately suffers from a programming error. This error causes him to judge everyone (well, almost everyone) as naughty – a categorization that is punished not by coal, but murder. Thanks to Robot Santa’s reign of terror – along with Kwanzaabot and the Chanakuh Zombie – the holidays ————————————————-aren’t nearly as happy as they are in our time.

Watch Robot Santa Claus in action


8. The Fratbots

“ROBOOOOT HOUSE!” When Fry enrolled at Mars University, Bender embarked on an adventure strikingly similar to that of Animal House. Among the robots at the lamest fraternity on campus were Gearshift, Oily and Fatbot – a.k.a. the Fratbots. These uber-nerdy robots plead to Bender to help make them cool – a plan that inevitably gets them put on ” dodecatuple secret ————————————————-probation” by the insidious dean.

Watch Bender meet the Fratboys


7. Reverend Lionel Preacherbot

No robot has more charisma and inspiring vocal inflection than the great Reverend Lionel Preacherbot. As the preacher for the Temple of Robotology, Lionel once tried to help Bender overcome his addiction to “jacking on” (shooting up electricity). He has also presided over numerous weddings during the show’s run. Watch the Reverend baptize Bender


6. The Network Execubots

Alphabot, Betabot and Gammabot comprise the Network Execubots – three robots designed to optimize television ratings. Just as worthless as today’s real executives, Alphabot is designed to “like things it has seen before,” Betabot is designed to “roll dice to determine the fall schedule,” and Gammabot is programmed to “underestimate middle America.”


5. Tinny Tim

Tinny Tim is a crippled robot orphan – a fact that doesn’t keep Bender from ripping on him whenever he gets the chance. Destined to a life of bad luck, Tinny Tim takes to the streets to beg and sell the latest edition of the New New York Post. His British accent and old-timey hat further serve as accessories to his pitiful existence. Watch Tinny Tim


4. The Robot Mafia

Need a truckload of Zuban Cigars? Then you better call the Robot Mafia. Donbot serves as the mob boss, while Clamps and Joey Mousepad take care of the muscle. Of the three, Clamps is the one you really have to watch out for – his Joe Pesci-esque aggression could create a lot of trouble if you got on his bad side. Watch the Robot Mafia in action


3. Hedonism Bot

Hedonism Bot is so hedonistic and self-indulgent, that he comes pre-built with his own couch. As the poster child for excess, Hedonism Bot is constructed from solid gold, constantly gorges himself on a bowl of grapes and enjoys having chocolate icing rubbed on his belly. Watch Hedonism Bot


2. Calculon

Calculon is the lead actor of the robot soap opera, All My Circuits. He is dashing, attractive and an occasional judge at the Miss Universe Pageant. Apparently, he is also a shapeshifting Were-car who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for an “unholy acting ability.” Watch Calculon


1. The Robot Devil

In the future, no robot is more important than the Robot Devil. From his base in Robot Hell (located in a run-down New Jersey amusement park), the Robot Devil punishes the sinful robots of the world and buys the souls of any robot stupid enough to take the deal. If you want to be a master fiddle player or holophoner, then you might try asking him to ———————————————swap his dexterous hands for your own. Watch Robot Devil


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