My New Mommy: The Step-Mommy Software for Little Kids

Kids, has a recent death, divorce or trip to the “store for cigarettes” left you without a mommy? Are you tired of waiting around for daddy to stop moping around so he can get out there and find you a new mommy? If so, then you need to STOP feeling sorry for yourself and START playing with My New Mommy: The Step-Mommy Software for Little Kids!

My New Mommy is the fast, simple way to finally get all the motherly attention you’ve always wanted! Simply place the mommy software into the floppy disc drive of your computer,* and you’ll be playing and talking with the mommy of your dreams in mere minutes!

Each New Mommy comes with 32 different customizable features – so you can make her act as much (or as little) like your old mommy as you want!

Once you’ve designed your new mommy to your liking, all that’s left to do is boot her up for endless parenting fun! Enjoy playing and talking about your day with your new mommy. Plus, get gentle reminders to do your homework!

Beyond the custom play options, boys and girls also have access to a special Watch-Me Mommy Mode. Simply type, “Watch Me”, and your mommy will watch as you show off a favorite skill, perform a dance or play or sport. Feel validated as she shouts on such encouragements as: “That’s my boy,” “Way to go honey” and “Let me get my camera!”

Daddies, if you’re worried My New Mommy is all fun and games, then rest assured in knowing your little ones will get the firm parenting discipline they need. My New Mommy comes with such “action phrases” as:

  • Get those grades up
  • Wait until your father gets home
  • Let’s help daddy wash the dishes
  • Eat your vegetables
  • AND…Not until your 18

And when it’s after bedtime, daddies can enter a coded password to enjoy the special “Just for Daddies” mode. Instantly, My New Mommy becomes the perfect spouse. Enjoy such grown-up activities as:

  • Home-cooked meal for two
  • Quietly watching the television together
  • Double date mode
  • Naked hot tub time

So kids, what are you waiting for? Tell your daddy it’s time to get over that old mommy and start having fun with My New Mommy!

My New Mommy is the latest innovation from FlimCo. FlimCo – filling out your family tree since 1983! Other fantastic products from FlimCo include:

*Minimum system requirements: 386 Processor, DOS 5.0, 4MB RAM and VGA Graphics Card supporting 640 x 480 and 256 colors