21 Dated Images From Vintage Video Game Magazines

Leaf through an early edition of Nintendo Power or Electronic Gaming Monthly, and you’ll find your fair share of out-dated imagery. Here are 21 examples:

Gansito and Mario – together at last

Shades? Check. Popped collar? Check. Sega Vision magazine? Check.

These controllers are out of this world…

The Three Stooges article was riveting.

Remember the days when you couldn’t just look up game help online?

Stan Lee is the man (lee).

Not really game-related, but from an editorial of an early gaming mag.

An original article about 1983’s Videodrome, starring James Spader and Debbie Harry.

Madden wants you to go head-to-head with Gorf.

At one point, people still needed to be persuaded that they needed a computer.

Yes, we all make the mistake of playing with our joystick too much from time to time.

A 900 number kids are actually allowed to dial.

A screen grab from the NES game Hoops.

Yes, this image is bragging about the amazing innovation of up-and-down hyraulics!

You’re in control.

This and images below from the 1990 Nintendo Product Catalog

Most of these were found courtesy of Retromags – a site that has a vast library of complete video game magazines available for download. See more of the Nintendo Catalog images here.


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