15 Radical Pizza Products That Are (Unfortunately) Inedible

No matter how you slice it (zing!), pizza is one of the most awesome and beloved of all food products. In fact, our love for pizza is so grand, that we’ve even taken to copying its beautiful form in non-edible products. Below are 15 Ninja-Turtles-approved pizza products:

Frisbee pizza (source)

Pizza shoes (source)

Obviously a Photoshopped pizza umbrella, but man, wouldn’t that beĀ  a sweet way to stay dry in the rain. (source)

Pizza costume (source)

Pizza dress by designer Jeremy Scott (also bacon dress and egg dress) (source)

Pizza scarf (source)

Pizza change purse (source)

Crochet pizza slice (source). edit: I’ve been informed this is a knit pizza. My bad.

Pizza guitar (source)

Pizza blanket (source)

Fake pizza book that I wish was real (source)

LEGO pizza (source)

Pizza kite (source)

Pizza face – okay, this isn’t really a pizza product, but I had to include it. It’s a screen grab from the epic Nickelodeon show All That. (source)

Listen to Bart Simpson – Eat pizza, not drugs!


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