Stuffed Animal Surprise Party

I’ve got to say, it’s great to have people in your life to help you share and enjoy those special moments in your life. Since I don’t have anyone like that, I rely on my stuffed animals and toys to help me have a good time. That’s why I was super excited to learn my ‘friends’ threw me a surprise party over the weekend. It was a fun time had by all:

Walk in the door…SURPRISE!!

YAY! Everyone is here!

Ooh…what could this be?



This is what I think of your stupid present!

Hmm…what could this one be?

Popeye’s Chicken?


Yay! Time for cake!

So tasty

Sugar rush

…and sugar crash!

I want to thank my bestest buds – Yarn-asaurus Rex, Cassette Bot, Gloomy Bear, Teddy and Darth Penguin for the best party ever. Also, special thanks to Cody Ulrich for taking the photos.


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