11 Silly Things You Probably Believed As A Kid

When we’re young, we get some pretty ridiculous ideas in our heads. Below are 11 silly things you may have believed as a child. Check out these near-universal beliefs, then feel free to list your own personal silly beliefs in the comments. I’ll start with one of my own…

1. All Cats Were Female and All Dogs Were Male

2. Stuffed Animals Came to Life When You Weren’t Looking

3. Your Face Would Freeze That Way

4. You Were Going to be a Famous Athlete/Celebrity/President

5. That Was Actually Mickey Mouse You Met at Disneyland

6. If You Couldn’t See It, It Didn’t Exist

7. Before the 1950s, The World Was in Black and White

8. Swallow a Watermelon Seed, and a Watermelon Would Grow in Your Stomach

9. Blankets Served as anĀ ImpenetrableĀ Barrier From Monsters

10. Wearing Superman Pajamas Made You As Powerful As Superman

11. If you were bad, you’d actually get coal in your stocking

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