16 GIF Reactions to Real-Life Situations

Animated GIFs have proven to be a great way to express your emotions on the Internet. Below are 16 different GIF reactions to things most of us have probably experienced.

When you miss the ice cream truck:

When you close the wrong tab:

When someone tells you they had a dream and you were in it:


When someone spits while they’re talking, one drop always feels like:

When someone posts an ugly picture of you:

When you get a random pebble in your shoe:

When your parents make a reference to having sex:

When you wait in the car by yourself and everyone outside becomes a rapist:

When you go to a party that has free food:

When you’re singing alone and someone walks in the room:

When you hear the theme song to your favorite show:

When someone says all the pizza is gone, but then there’s one more slice:

When you realize you just said something stupid:

When you’re suddenly left alone with someone you just met:

When your friend has gum:

When something falls in your room in the middle of the night:

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