Your Daily Life in GIFs (10.24.11)

Here are 23 little scenarios that you’ve probably encountered at one point or another. And chances are, your reaction was quite similar to the corresponding animated GIFs.

When you look forward to something and it doesn’t happen:

When your friend is mad and you act like a retard to try and cheer them up:

When you see your picture in the yearbook:

When people don’t laugh at your jokes:

When you smell a fart:

When you order a pizza and the doorbell rings:

When your hot chick Facebook friend uploads her summer album:

When someone’s yelling at you and they pronounce a word wrong:

When you babysat your younger siblings:

Mumbling the parts of the song you don’t know, then screaming the chorus with all your heart:

When you see your ex with someone ugly:

When you get that random shiver for no reason:

When you’re in public and your mind wanders to sex:

When you’re the first to clap in an audience:

When you’re dying to get out of a class you hate:

When someone mispronounces your name:

When you’re getting a midnight snack and trying not to wake anyone:

When there is one last slice of pizza:

When a wasp flies near you:

When someone says Hogwarts doesn’t exist:

When you realize you don’t have the skills to finish your drawing:

When you finish an essay at, like, 3 am:

When you’re bored and a friend texts asking if you want to hang out: