2011 Memes: Where Are They Now?

There were plenty of great viral images to hit the Internet last year…but what happens after the spotlight has faded? Let’s check in on some of our favorite 2011 memes and see where they are now.

Cocaine Bear Then:

Cocaine Bear Now:

image inspired by

Business Cat Then:

Business Cat Now:

Pepper-Spraying Cop Then:

Pepper-Spraying Cop Now:

Rebecca Black Then:

Rebecca Black Now:

Futurama Fry Then:

Where he is now:

Nyan Cat Then:



Nyan Cat Now:


Chuck Testa Then:

Chuck Testa Now:

Hipster Ariel Then:

Hipster Ariel Now:

Chemistry Cat Then:

Chemistry Cat Now:

The Most Interesting Man In The World Then:

The Most Interesting Man In The World Now:

Conspiracy Keanu Then:

Conspiracy Keanu Now:

Woman Eating Salad Alone Then:

Woman Eating Salad Alone Now:

60s Spider-Man Then:

60s Spider-Man Now:

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