Round 7: Your Daily Life in GIFs (24 GIFs)

When you get shampoo in your eyes:

That feeling you get when you bite your tongue:

When someone sings your favorite song very badly:

When you got your test back in school and your grade was higher than you thought it was going to be:

When you see your friend in the car next to you and try to get his/her attention:


When you see someone who has gum:

When you meet someone attractive:


When you look at an old photo of yourself:

When someone tries to wake you up:

When your friend is giving a speech:

When you suddenly turn into a ballerina when you want to show someone something exciting:

When someone says, “Can I have some of your food?”:

When you were little and wanted your parents to buy you something:

When you beat someone in a video game:

When someone gives a good comeback:

When you fall in love with something at the store, but then see the price tag:

When you see a hot girl in the club:

When someone says, “The book is better than the movie”:

When you drive by tall buildings:

When your family is embarrassing you:

When people bail on you last minute:

When people say you eat too much:

When someone tells you to eat with your mouth closed:

When you make an epic joke that makes everyone laugh and you sit there with so much power:

most of these images via herehere and here.