Your Daily Life in GIFs (5.7.12)

When your computer says it’s connected to the Internet, but nothing will load:

When you got home from trick or treating as a kid and opened your bag:

When you have to give a presentation:

When you’re sad so you decide to pump the sad jams:

When someone says, “Can I borrow your computer?”:

When someone says a bad joke about you:

When you’re in a bad mood and someone tells you to smile for a picture:

When people ask you about your hobbies:

When you’re winning an argument:

When you’re cramming for a test:

When you get something in your eye:

When you’re watching your favorite TV couple:

When someone walks into your room and leaves without closing the door:

When someone leaves the public restroom without washing their hands:


When you wake up on the first day of summer break:

When you got a gumball out of the machine and didn’t get the color you wanted:

When you show up at a party and don’t know anyone:

When someone says you’re too old to play with toys:

most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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