Your Daily Life in GIFs (10.15.12)

Your hairdresser when you say, “just a trim”:

When someone is struggling to open a jar and then you do it on the first try:

How Saturday mornings felt as a kid:

When you see a bunch of hot people walk by:

When someone near you is wearing too much perfume:

When you see that a character in a book has the same name as you:

When you try to take your sock off with the other foot:

When the timer dings and the brownies are ready:

When someone tries to cut in line, but then the cashier says, “I believe this person was here first”:

When your friend says a really offensive joke that’s actually hilarious:

When your order is ready at McDonalds:

When you try to throw something away, but miss the bin:

What you want to do when someone won’t stop showing off:

When you visit your grandmother’s house:

When you realize you forgot someone’s birthday:

When you wake up to the smell of bacon being cooked:

Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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