Your Daily Life in GIFs (6.24.13)

Trying to look busy in a meeting:

When someone you don’t like tries to be nice to you:

When you have to explain a joke to someone and they finally get it:

When someone says they don’t like animals:


When your ex texts you for a favor:

When you come back to your friends with really good gossip:


When you heard what Kim and Kanye named their baby:

When there is a bee following you:

When you try to act cool around the person you like:

When you turn off the lights in the basement:

You’re reaction when you’re told to socialize:

When the grocery store is out of your favorite food:

When you’re cleaning your house and find money in an unexpected place:

When you’re at a buffet and the waiter asks how everything is:

When an Internet video takes a few seconds to load:

When you’re not wearing glasses and someone waves at you:

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