Your Daily Life in GIFs (9.2.13)

Some of you aren’t going to like this, but this is going to be the last week for Your Daily Life in GIFs. I feel like I’ve been forced to recycle some of the same ideas lately, and they’re just not as fun to put together anymore. So, my apologies, but enjoy this last one while you can… [edit: after all your feedback, I have changed my mind. Let me see what I can do to keep it fresh.]

When you have a secret you know your friend is going to love:

When someone you just met shares way too much information with you:

Running into people from high school:

Your day:

Five minutes into doing housework:

Trying to stay awake on Monday:

Pulling fresh laundry out of the dryer:

“Accidentally” waking someone up so they’ll hang out with you:

When you can’t get your W-Fi to work:

Getting captchas right:

Trying to make a dramatic exit:

When you spot the sale section of a store:

When you get up for a second and someone tries to steal your seat:

Hiding your problems so you don’t have to deal with them:

Waiting to use the restroom when you have to go really bad:

When you were younger and your friend had a cooler toy than you:

When you got to the end of the last ‘Your Daily Life in GIFs’:

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