Your Daily Life in GIFs (2.3.14)

When you see someone smoking around their kids:

Getting with messages from a group text:

When you notice your friends starting to adopt your mannerisms:

When someone asks if you want a drink:

Trying to talk to your crush:

When someone you hardly know makes a comment about your appearance:

Assembling the perfect pizza and then clicking “Place order:”

When you’re fighting with someone and they tell you to calm down:

Trying to chase your dreams:

When you’re drunk and trying to look candid for a photo:

When someone asks for some of the popcorn you just microwaved:

When girls overdose on makeup:

“Can I have another sauce?” “That’ll be 25 cents:”

Listening to your favorite band with a friend:

Re-reading something you wrote:

When you’re in line, but everything on the menu looks so good:

Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with some on my own.

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