Famous Punches Illustrated by Aled Lewis (10 Pics)

Illustrator Aled Lewis recounts a few of the most famous punches ever thrown in movies and TV with his series, Pixel Punches. [via xombiedirge]

I Don’t Want A Piece of You. I Want The Whole Thing! (Happy Gilmore):

Ned?! (Groundhog Day):

No Biff You Leave Her Alone! (Back to the Future):

You Foul, Loathesome, Evil Little Cockroah (Harry Potter):

You Must Be The Monopoly Guy! (Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls):

Why, You Son of A Bitch! (SNL):

I’m Telling Mother! (Game of Thrones):

You Can’t Park The Animal Over There. It’s Illegal (Blazing Saddles):

Don’t Be Frightened (The Wicker Man):

Don’t You Forget About Me (The Breakfast Club):