Your Daily Life in GIFs (6.9.14)

When you wave at a dog being walked and the owner waves back:

When your boss emails you on the weekend:

When the free chips and salsa arrive at the table:

Remembering the leftover dessert you have in the fridge:

When someone you haven’t seen in a while is looking good:

When you order clothes online and they fit perfectly:

Attempting to cook breakfast:

When your buzz starts to kick in:

When you’re with your friends and you all love that one song:

When you hear someone good looking likes your crush:

When your significant other complains about your tiny faults:

Finding fries in the bottom of the McDonalds bag:

What you want to do when you say something embarrassing at a party:

Trying to run away from your problems:

When your girlfriend asks, “Which one of my friends do you find most attractive:”

Your parents responding to new technology:


Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with some on my own.

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