Your Daily Life in GIFs (6.30.14)

Wearing a new pair of skinny jeans for the first time:

When someone asks if there’s a food you don’t like:

Doing research for school/work:

Doing research on that TV show you’re obsessed with:

Waking up and immediately thinking about that nap you’re going to take later:

“We’re out of soda:”

Dealing with cheery people first thing in the morning:

When you have responsibilities, but it’s the weekend:

Correcting someone else’s grammar:

Seeing a new flavor of your favorite chip brand:


“How are you single?”

When you have to be nice to someone you hate:

Being left alone in an unfamiliar room:

When you unintentionally insult someone:

What Facebook feels like on your birthday:

Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with some on my own.

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