20 Hilarious Kid Firsts

There’s a first time for everything. And if you’ve got a parent around, chances are they’re going to get a picture of it…

First time holding his little sister:

First time holding a cat:

First photobomb:

First day of school (1984):

First letter home from camp:

First time at Hooters:

First time meeting a deer (and – how embarrassing – wearing the same outfit):

First time trying baby food:

First time seeing a toad:

First time meeting dad after a 14-month deployment at sea (1940s):

First time in the sprinklers:

First time tasting a lemon:

First time getting ready for a date:

First birthday cake:

First time driving a car:

First steps…interrupted:

First Christmas photo:

First time meeting a dog:

First time watching Jurassic Park:

First time seeing fireworks:

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