22 of the Most Mildly Infuriating Things of All Time

None of these things are a huge deal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t annoy you… [via mildlyinfuriating]

When paperback books do this:

The ‘G’ in this sign:

When they swipe credit cards the wrong way in commercials:

The laziness of this city worker:

This poster design:

When cereal bags tear like this:

When you get home and realize you bought the wrong thing:

The ‘alignment’ of these lights:

This door handle:

When people leave their trash like this:

This useless toilet seat:

This tile work:

When your finger does this:

Or your binder does this:

This pillar that doesn’t even reach the ceiling:

That one extra line that causes a second page to print:

This Denny’s sign:

The unnecessary abbreviation on this bottle:

When pencils do this:

The fact that the larger box has fewer bags:

When websites do this:

This ghastly sign

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