9 Pics To Bring Humanity Into The Darkness, And 9 To Bring Them Back Into The Light

People can be selfish, callous, inconsiderate jerks. This is a reminder that when you encounter these people it’s important to remember there are also amazing, generous, thoughtful people in this world, and you should strive to be one of them. If you’re going to be someone, what kind of someone are you going to be?

1. Someone going out of their way to shame people having a hard time.

2. Someone leaves gifts for a homeless man sleeping in the park.

3. Someone takes up 2 handicap spots to sit in their car and eat lunch.

4. Someone leaves their change for the next person.

5. Someone locks their bike up so no one else can fit.

6. Someone stops to help a fellow motorist change their flat tire.

7. Someone wastes a gallon of milk because they’re too lazy to put it back in the cooler.

8. Someone opens the doors of their restaurant to those in need of a meal.

9. Someone selfishly takes up 3 seats on a subway car.

10. Someone holds an umbrella for an elderly woman crossing the street.

11. Someone wastes a pack of Nutella by poking their finger into it.

12. Someone volunteers their time trying to get kids into science.

13. Someone left their train seat like this.

14. Someone set up a jacket stand for those who are cold and can’t afford one.

15. Someone threw paint on this dog.

16. Someone found this injured bird and is looking up animal hospitals to bring it to.

17. Someone left their campsite in this condition.

18. Someone stops to teach a young man how to tie his tie.

via buzzfeed