18 Teachers Who Do Whatever It Takes To Teach You A Lesson

For many of us, school wasn’t a whole lot of fun. One of the few things that made it bearable was that one teacher who really cared. They put 110% into getting through to you, and for that you will remember them forever. Here are some teachers who get an A for effort.

1. They teach an entire 50 minute class dressed as a minion.

2. They use the holiday to show you how awesome chemistry can be.

3. They’ll get comfortable and take the extra time to help you out.

4. Bee in the classroom? They got your back.

5. Scrape you arm running from the bee? They know what to do.

6. They show you they’re more than just a math teacher.

7. They lighten the mood before a big test.

8. They’ll help you remember not to accidentally take home a borrowed calculator.

9. They’ll give you incentives to pay attention during class, like drawing a dead kitten every time someone talks.

10. They make history class a little more interesting.

11. No world map in the classroom? They improvise.

12. They entertain themselves while you take a test.

13. They let you know they know you’re smoking in the bathroom.

14. They go for the joke instead of just yelling at you.

15. Sometimes they even go for a great joke.

16. You thought they wouldn’t notice the rip in your homework. They did, but it’s cool.

17. They make the class festive.

18. And they’re always watching out for you, even when you think they left you alone during an exam.

H/T Brightside