32 Photos Guaranteed To Confuse You For About 3-5 Seconds

What is reality? Are we living in a simulation? Is this world just the dream of some cosmic being in another dimension who could wake up at any moment, thus ending existence as we know it? Probably not, but these pictures might make you feel that way for a few seconds.

1. Packed concert, right? Wrong. That’s a combine harvester in a cotton field.

2. Who needs ankles?

3. I love when pets look like their owners.

4. Stop hogging all the legs, lady.

5. Tiny phone or a party at a giant’s house?

6. Taking her little sister for a ride.

7. Legit took me about 30 seconds.

8. Is this M.C. Escher’s cat?

9. Perspective FTW

10. Someone let the cat thaw for too long.

11. Which end makes the poop?

12. The bestest and giantest boy.

13. The upside down has some nice parts too.

14. I don’t remember this class.

15. This hurts my brain.

16. When the headless horseman’s horse is in the shop.

17. Close friends.

18. Is that the angel or the devil?

19. No legs, no problem.

20. This is just a normal photo, right? Wrong. There’s 4 people.

21. Damn Tom Brady gettin’ thicc.

22. Whaaaaaaaat???

23. What phone?

24. I’ve heard of face swaps, but arm swaps?

25. That’s steep. (no it’s not)

26. Pickpocket level: 1000

27. A giantess.

28. That’d be one interesting spider.

29. Whoa! Oh, okay.

30. Must have been in a hurry.

31. There’s some legs missing.

32. Incredible reach.

H/T Buzzfeed


Mike Primavera

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