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20 Rude-Ass Plane Passengers Who Should Go Directly To Sky Jail

There’s nothing like the quiet majesty of air travel. Soaring above the clouds at 30,000 feet, cramped in a metal tube buffeted by turbulence, breathing recirculated air that already passed through God knows how many bodies, ok, ok, it’s awful. But whatever horrors you’ve dealt with, flight attendant Shawn Kathleen has seen worse. Thankfully, she’s catalogued them all on her Instagram account, @passengershaming. If you can get through this list and still have faith in your fellow man, then congrats. And if you still wanna fly after this then please, please, don’t do what these people did. If not for us, then do it for Shawn Kathleen.

20. This dude browsing for a prostitute

19. And this dude for practicing safe mile-high club sex

18. This weird cosplayer

17. This guy who brought his own flotation device

16. These mystery feet

15. This mother/daughter duo on a screen-blocking crime spree

14. This aspiring artist

13. This guy who got a little too comofrtable

12. This horny moron who doesn’t know how reflections work

11. This couple that better only be napping

10. This lady who brought her emotional support pig(?)

9. Awwww, this guy’s ok

8. But not this chicken, everyone knows chickens can’t fly!

7. This lady, who must have a lot of anxiety if she needs five emotional support animals

6. Whoever de-briefed mid-flight

5. This upside-down Ugg wearer

4. This sensitive soul who just has a song in his heart

3. This hungry woman who picked the absolute worst in-flight snack

2. Actually, this guy might be a genius

1. And finally, this woman who’s probably gonna need some help opening her bag of peanuts