18 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Smoke Weed As Told Through Weed Memes

Don’t do drugs, kids.

1. Smoking marijuana will only lead to tears

2. Plus it can damage your hearing

3. And cause some serious academic decline

4. Too much THC can impair your judgment

5. And it can damage your reading skills

6. Your memory will absolutely evaporate

7. Your mom will be so disappointed in you

8. So, so disappointed in you

9. Even your friends might turn on you

10. Sparking distrust

(lol “sparking”)

11. Your relationship will suffer

12. And you’ll never get married

13. You’ll never go out on the weekends anymore

14. Dancing is out of the question

15. You won’t be able to go to the movies

16. You’ll just sit home watching Netflix all day

17. Pondering meaningless questions

18. In conclusion: