18 People Who Quit Their Jobs With Their Middle Fingers Up

When you quit your job, you’re generally supposed to give two weeks notice, tell your boss how wonderful the experience has been, and wax poetic about all the wonderful friends you’ve made.

That is, unless your job is one of the outer circles of Hell, and you have zero remorse about leaving. In which case, you might be tempted to tell your boss exactly which body part they can kiss as you walk out.

While it’s not always the wisest decision, going out in a blaze of glory can be kind of irresistible, particularly if your job environment makesĀ Office Space look like a dream scenario. And hey, if you’re chill about burning bridges, then you do you, honey.

Here are some people who decided to take their resignation as an opportunity to stick it to their employer, and leave their job with a bang (and an expletive or two). Something tells me they weren’t asked to stick around for the remaining two weeks …


One of my co-workers quit today. We found this on his desktop. [PIC] from pics


My coworker went all Wet Seal on our boss today. from pics



A friend’s co-worker quit with great style from funny


People at a store at my mall got fed up with the way their manager treated them. from pics


Best way to quit a job (X-post from doodles) from funny


Saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond. from funny


Someone quit Hardee’s the right way in my friends hometown from funny


Yeeeaahhh….Friend’s official resignation letter from Bank of America



This is how you quit. from funny


My wife just quit the job that made her cry nearly every day for two years. I couldn’t prouder!


My buddy quit his job at the gas station. from funny


I quit my job and got this cake on my last day… from funny


Entire crew quit today at local restaurant from funny


Look what my coworker and I left on the break room table today from funny


I quit my job today… from funny


My husband’s letter of resignation from funny