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15 Not-So-Sneaky Pets Who Are Really Bad At Hiding From The Vet

If you’re a pet owner, then you know that visiting the vet’s office is an inevitable and integral facet of your dog or cat’s existence — regardless of how much they loathe the experience.

Even though a visit to the veterinarian’s office can significantly help in improving your pet’s overall bill of health, there’s a decent chance you’ll have to coax them into their carrier, bribe them with treats, and maybe even trick them (*gasp*) into thinking that you’re driving to the dog park. Dogs and cats alike frequently hold a distinct prejudice against vets, and all of the sweet-talk in the world is unlikely to sway their beliefs.

Here are some pets who are trying their damnedest to pull one over on their veterinarian by making themselves scarce. Unfortunately, these dogs and cats aren’t necessarily pros when it comes to playing hide-and-seek, and their camouflage choices leave a lot to be desired.

Well, they may never be recruited for any top-secret CIA missions, but at least they’re cute, right?


My dog "hiding" from the vet from aww



My cat also hates the vet/loves sinks. from aww


The vet said "time for shots" from aww


The vet thought we came in without her... from aww


Typical vet visit. He's such a baby


Jack's Strategy at the Vet: If I Can't See You You Can't See Me from aww


Hiding from the Vet from aww



Perfect hiding place from vet. She will never find me from aww


Took apart my cat's crate at the vet because he wouldn't come out. Didn't work! from aww


She's hiding under me so the vet doesn't see her. from aww



Little Bob desperately hiding at the vet from aww


My cat’s attempt at hiding from the vet from aww



I see the dogs and cats in the corners of the vet, and I raise our cat, Yam. He escapes through the trash hole. from aww