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The Angry ‘American Chopper’ Meme Is The New Meme You Should Invest In

The stock of memes in a dangerous business. One day, you find yourself taking on a second mortgage to put everything behind the Evil Patrick meme, only to find that Panting Spongebob is driving the market crazy. You need to get in, do some damage, then sell, sell, sell, before you find yourself with too much inventory in a meme with too low demand, while some iCarly screengrab is going off the charts.
That being said, for those shrewd investors looking for the hottest bubble that’s yet to burst, might I present you the still un-named Angry American Chopper meme.

This five-frame excellency originates from a heated argument on the reality series, American Chopper, in which off-brand Hulk Hogan look-alike Paul Teutul Sr and his massive child, Paul Teutul Jr argue about Junior’s work ethic build choppers (motorcycles) or some such thing.

You can watch the original source material of a father and son going absolutely hogg wild below.

To strike gold on this meme, all it takes is slapping your favorite politely mundane,
domestic argument on the screengrabs of these two leathery, toxically masculine rage machines and, voila! You’re cashed in on the newest meme train, baby.

Here are some more examples to help get you inspired. Godspeed and good luck.