The Fancy Things International Students Probably Eat Have Been Turned Into Glorious Memes

It’s undeniable that there’s a preconception about international students — specifically, that they have considerable amounts of money at their disposal.And, considering the fact that many educational institutions require international students to jump through more rigorous financial hoops to gain acceptance into their programs, this makes a certain amount of sense.

Of course, this stereotype has since become something of a running joke online.

So much so, that when someone shared an image of this glitzy, gold Chanel lo-mein …

… people began to crack wise about how it’s “what international students have for lunch.”

Of course, once the people of the internet saw the opportunity for a new meme, there was no stopping them.

However, some international students were less than amused and reminded Twitter that not every international student is dripping with dough.

Twitter was pretty much like, “Mmkay, yeah, sure, whatever you say.”

Regardless, I think we can all agree on one thing: designer flavored breakfast cereal would probably taste positively disgusting.