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The Amazon Employee Who Wrote Descriptions For ‘Nick Arcade’ Deserves A Nobel Prize

Remember Nick Arcade? It was that kid’s game show in the early nineties where two teams competed in trivia with the winner going on to “The Video Zone” to face off against a series of live action video game challenges. It was good fun.

It also highlighted just how dumb children can be, which is where the real joy of the show came from.

Just watch the male representatives of these two teams completely botch their answers, while their female cohorts look helplessly on. Hilarious.


Recently, Twitter user @Zerochan stumbled on the Amazon Prime episode listings for Nick Arcade and, well, see for yourself.



There’s even a cohesive plot line in the titles for Season 2.

And if you thought, “the fun must stop with Nick Arcade, buddy you could not be more wrong. Check out these entries for Double Dare.


Wherever you are, bored Amazon Prime programming employee, we raise a toast in your honor. Keep doing the Lord’s good work.