Tumblr User Tells Story About A ‘Demon Gets Adopted By A Grandma’ & It Needs To Be A Freaking Movie

Unsurprisingly, people loved the story.

And started to add their own endings which they thought fit the story best.

That is what anyone would like to see.

And so the story continues.

The old lady even gets a new dog named ‘Honey.’

But that is when ‘Todd’ takes matters into his own hands.

And takes her soul to the place she should be.

Even bowing down to those he hates most.

After all the pain, he finally reaches it.

The final destination that he wanted his ‘Grandmother’ to go to.

But he obviously can’t stay there any longer.

However, it seems no one can say no to a grandma.

One user was kind enough to grace us with a fantastic ending which I personally am counting as canon.

So, did this story bring tears to your eyes or was someone cutting onions?

This story first appeared on Rearfront