20+ People Who Aren’t Afraid To Take Fashion Risks, Even Though They Should Be

Fashion is how most people express their individuality, but these folks might want to pump the brakes a bit. As a kid who wore NBA jerseys, jean shorts, and cowboy boots for most of middle school, I can attest to the fact that what you wear can greatly effect how people treat you. Sometimes you never get over those things that were said, carry them with you, and pursue a career in comedy because now there’s a hole inside you that can only be filled with other people’s approval. BUT WHATEVER IT’S FINE I’M FINE.

21. Probably spent a lot of bread on those.

© pikabu

These shoes are pretty….fly.

20. They really do have great meatballs.

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IKEA is awful but no one can resist a good thirst trap.

19. Shiorts? Shoirts? Swirts?

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When you defeat all of the other dads you fight the boss dad wearing this.

18. “Can I get a name?” “It’s Britney, b*tch.”

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Someone’s been reading my dream journal.

17. The Duchess Von Hammerhead.


I loved her in Hunger Games.

16. Ye-hahahahahaha.

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When you have to be at the ranch at 5, but on the slopes by 6.

15. Mr. Tumnus rides the bus.

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Probs listening to some sweet pan flute.

14. Caution: “Fashion” Ahead.

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Maybe she works for the city?


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I let my niece dress me once and this is about how it ended up.

12. If these aren’t illegal they should be.

© etsy

I’ll see your jorts and raise you these jlip-jlops.

11. “The fashion of the Christ.”

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Jesus saves. Jesus shades.

10. Out here biting Chewbacca’s style.

© hunta/imgur

Well Wookie what we have here.

9. The fabled douche unicorn.

© pikabu

The last of his kind…because no one is trying to breed with that.

8. The real Deadliest Catch.

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I’ll bet they smell like they look.

7. Oh no, Kevin, what is you doing?

The jorts to end all jorts.

6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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When your girlfriend didn’t bring a jacket but now she’s cold.

5. Mmmm that torso tho.

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He probably needs the cart to walk.

4. At least he’s matching?

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What the hell is the belt for?

3. Baby got back.


I hate when you go but I love watching you leave.

2. Maybe she’s a “checker” at that store.

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Your girl look like a snack, mine look like a picnic.

1. Deal with it.

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That’s one cool cat.

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