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20+ Dank Memes From 2018 You Already Forgot About Because There Have Been So Many Dank Memes

It’s hard to believe we’re only halfway through 2018 and there have already been so many epic memes. It seems like just yesterday it was 2017 and we were enjoying such memes as The Floor Is…, Salt Bae, and Mocking SpongeBob. Now it’s Not even July and viral memes seem to be happening every week.

Due to the daily onslaught of horrifying news, the time has been a bit of a blur. So allow me to walk you through the best memes of 2018 so far, starting from the first of the year.


The Google Arts & Culture App

The Google Arts & Culture App face-matches your selfie with a famous painting. While some were quite accurate and flattering…

The Kylo Ren Challenge

On December 14th 2017, Star Wars gave us The Last Jedi, but what it really gave us is Ben Swolo, which in turn gave us the Kylo Ren Challenge. This meme was EVERYWHERE for several days, and got so popular even celebrities started joining in.

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And things only got more and more out of hand from there.

Tide Pods

Even though 2017 seemed like a 12 month train wreck and we all desperately needed a break, 2018 wasn’t about to take it’s hand off of the throttle. Our youth kicked off the year by making memes about eating highly poisonous Tide Pods.

Sure, most people were just enjoying the ridiculous joke, but this meme got so popular the US Consumer Product Safety Commission had to release this statement. What a time to be alive.

An Absolute Unit

An Absolute Unit doesn’t just refer to a cute animal, it can also be a person or even thing that is both large and showing tremendous poise. One of the few feel-good memes this year.

It all started with this tweet.

Meme makers adopted that caption and the rest is history.


Super Bowl Selfie Kid

There was no shortage of great moments from this year’s Super Bowl, but the most memeable moment came when Justin Timberlake took a selfie with an excited, yet slightly confused fan during his halftime performance. Truly some “left shark” caliber stuff.

Obama Portraits

Obama’s presidential portrait is beautiful, and probably would’ve gone unmemed if the Republicans didn’t make such a big, ridiculous deal about it. I guess part of me is glad they did.

Barack And Michelle Obama’s Official Portraits Are Already Memes

Gym Kardashian

Not to be outdone by Ben Swolo, Gym Kardashian showed us that a simple photoshop job can be all it takes to go viral. I’ll go out on a limb and say Kanye probably wasn’t a fan of these.

Change My Mind

This is one of my favorites so far this year. Mostly because of the seemingly limitless ways to use it. I’m still seeing new ones pop up every day.

It’s started when conservative “comedian” Steven Crowder set up a table on a Christian University’s campus with a sign that read, “Male privilege is a myth. Change my mind.” The internet took it from there.



Savage Patrick

Move over Evil Kermit, Savage Patrick is the new meme to let out our inner darkness. People got pretty creative with these.

Gru’s Plan

Despicable Me‘s Gru was just trying to steal the moon, but the meme community had other plans. Another meme I still see new versions of on a daily basis.

The Adult World from memes

American Chopper Argument

You don’t have to watch American Chopper to enjoy this meme. Just know that this father and son’s relationship is, well, volatile at best. Not great for family unity, but absolutely primed for memeing.




Walmart Yodel Boy

Started from the bottom now he here. Mason Ramsey aka Lil Hank went from an impromptu yodel session in a Walmart to performing at Coachella in a matter of months. At this pace I expect to see a blurry video of him doing blow off of a stripper on TMZ, but for now I’m enjoying the memes.

Mark Zuckerberg

Watching Mark Zuckerberg squirm in front of Congress would’ve been fun, but instead he sat there like some kind of android or lizard person in a human suit. Turns out, that was even more fun to meme.


Is This A Pigeon?

This meme has actually been around for years, but only recently reemerged. Mostly because of it’s versatility and how it easily fits into todays “weird meme” niche. (insert “is this a meme” meme)

Yanny or Laurel?

This year’s version of “what color is this dress” has once again left the world divided. The only thing we can all agree on is the memes that followed were outstanding.

The tweet that started it:

Frustrated LeBron

While LeBron had every right to be frustrated during this year’s NBA Finals, nothing encapsulated it quite like this photo of him yelling at J.R. Smith, who had just made a bonehead mistake that cost the Cavs the game.



June is almost over and there really haven’t been any viral memes so far. Maybe it’s because we’ve exhausted ourselves with our current pace, or maybe its because the country is descending even further into chaos. Who knows? One thing is for sure though, no matter what happens, good or bad, someone will be out there to meme it.