16 Random Facts That Are A Total Waste Of Your Brain Space

We all have a bunch of random knowledge floating around in our heads. Whether it’s all the Common Room passwords in Harry Potter, or the entirety of the script to Shrekthere’s probably a few things in your brain right now that serves no real, practical purpose. And hey, that’s okay. In fact, why don’t you dump out a few important life lessons and skill sets to make way for more random facts.

1. These Are The US States And Chemical Elements That Share Abbreviations


2. Your Earlobes And Nips Line Up

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3. That Spoon In Your Bowl Is Just A Smaller Bowl


4. Most Brick Walkways Aren’t Placed Brick By Brick


5. “Firefly” And “Waterfall” Are The Complete Opposite Words

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6. Your Fruit Loops Are All The Same Flavor, Regardless Of Color

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7. This Is How Many Bananas Five Bucks Buys You In Different Countries


8. Benedict Cumberbatch And Jason Earles Are Actually The Same Age

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9. July Through November, The Start Of Each Month Spells Out ‘Jason’

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10. A Lot Of The Dinosaur Noises In Jurassic Park Were Made In Part By Tortoises Having Sex

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11. ‘Taco Cat’ Backwards Spells ‘Taco Cat’


12. Eaten Quinoa? They’re Seeds From This Plant


13. If You Flip The Americas On Their Side, They Look Like A Big Ol’ Duck


14. In Switzerland, It’s Illegal To Own Just One Guinea Pig


15. The ‘DS’ Of The Nintendo DS Handheld System Stands For ‘Dual Screen’


16. ‘Dog Food Lid’ Spelled Backwards Is ‘Dildo Of God.’ You’re Welcome.

h/t: Buzzfeed