Red Dead Redemption 2 Has The Funniest Glitches This Side Of The Mississip’

It’s no secret by now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is the biggest video game launch in recent memory. At least, since developer Rockstar’s previous magnum opus; Grand Theft Auto 5. Both are massive, highly detailed worlds that players can completely lose themselves in… until things go wrong.

As we all know, no matter how long these games are in development, how many QA testers have play-tested it, and how much time went into polishing it; bugs are guaranteed to appear. Fortunately, in such an otherwise pristine game world, these glitches are laugh out loud hilarious.

1. Round, And Round, And Round We Go

2. Dinner On Demand

3. Brakes Were Shot

4. Bambi’s Revenge

5. What’re You Looking At?

6. Slippery Slope

7. Get Down From There

8. Don’t You Just Hate When That Happens

9. Watch Out For That Tree

10. Feathered Fury

11. Up Close And Personal

12.Beauty And Grace

13. Swing And A Miss