Funny Pic Dump (11.29.18)

1. This took me a sec to see.

2. Yeah but I do this with my buttcheeks and no one wants a sip.

3. People are disgusting.

4. They shut down the Viagra factory 🙁

5. Men who own this have a 100% chance of getting divorced.

6. Ah, the great outdoors.

7. This looks like it belongs to a superhero whose superpower is being a douche.

8. I think this guy made my latte this morning.

9. I CAN HAS???

10. This is what my childhood bedroom would look like under a blacklight.

11. He’ll grow into it?

12. Looks warm though.

13. Anarchy.

14. You bought it. Use it.

15. Whatever works.

16. Catthew.

17. Zombies.

18. I’d bet anything this is in Florida.

19. Good rule.

20. If I fits I sits.

21. An attempt was made.

22. This bummed me out.

23. I need to see a day in this dude’s life.

24. The shower is always clogged.

25. Oh my…