35 Christian Memes Literally Everyone Will Find Funny, Except Maybe God

It’s difficult to know what God would want for us. If sinning was so bad, why would he make it so fun? Why would people be born gay if it was “unnatural,” and why would humans be attracted to a bunch of different people if they were “supposed” to marry just one?  Point here being, if God—the almighty creator—wanted things to be a certain way, he’d have made people that exact way.

One thing is for certain: He would definitely find the following 35 memes funny.

1. This heavenly exclamation:

2. This example of patience:

3. This holy symbol:

4. This awkward exchange:

5. This incredible one-up:

6. This giving of thanks:

7. This godly anger:

8. This huge mistake:

9. This actual miracle:

10. This unfortunate news:

11. This valid question:

12. This sneaky order:

13. This forsaken feeling:

14. This relatable situation:

15. This easy trigger:

16. This rude rejection:

17. This disappointment:

18. This legitimate comparison:

19. This bait and switch:

20. This…is how it works:

21. This entrepreneurial sentiment:

22. This creation:

23. This commonality:

24. This terrifying sight:

25. This social media evaluation:

26. This explanation:

27. This motherly chorus:

28. This giant regret:

29. This super-strength password:

30. This evidence of math’s evil:

31. This punishment:

32. This constant disobedience:

33. This weird flex, but okay:

34. This uh-oh sensation:

35. And finally, this correct interpretation: