Guy Selling His Truck Online Has Batsh*t Exchange With World’s Most Infuriating Buyer

Every interaction that begins on the Internet and threatens to become a meeting IRL is one to be insanely wary of. Take, for example, online dating. Or even scarier: Online buying. (Like, from people. Not companies.)

We’ve been blessed with many a tale in which a bewildered seller is confronted by an individual who feels entitled to lower prices, or free things, or preferential treatment, all despite being a complete and utter stranger.

But this text exchange, shared by u/_all_american_angel on Reddit, really takes the cake. Or, rather, doesn’t take the truck. Our poor protagonist was contacted by a buyer interested in his truck. It started off innocently enough, and by “innocently enough” here we mean “a laughable lowball on a vehicle.”

The buyer then proceeded to diss the truck, arguing that a broken sleeper shell lock is apparently worth a $2000 discount.

What ensued was a veritable barrage of texts, beginning with “I can go up $150,” peaking at another jab at the truck’s worth, and ending with an invocation of a certain college-bound son.

When the seller responded, it was to suggest a plan so out of this world, that the best I can do to describe it is to reference the (classic, antique(?)) Jackie Chan meme. You know the one.

The buyer could not understand why the truck owner didn’t want to 1. lose money on a truck 2. they no longer owned 3. while losing more money on interest payments to the bank.

So they got mad.

The comments were reliably snarky, with people savaging the buyer’s entitlement and abusive behavior.

And desecrating the logic of their argument.

And giving advice:

And pointing out that the buyer was, in effect, calling their own son a pussy:

Ain’t Reddit a wonderful place?