This Girl Figured Out What That Handle In Cars Is For And Twitter Is Dying

If nothing else, Twitter is like a question-answering service. Like Google, but worse. More like Ask Jeeves, but with a bunch of people who find themselves funny. Like if you Ask Jeeves’d a sorta-joking question and a bunch of anonymous people gave you answers.

Recently, 18-year-old Aimee took to this Ask Jeeves of the year 2017 to ask a question many of us have wondered often but never hard enough to actually Google.

“Serious question, what the fuck is this for?” she captioned a picture of that ceiling handle jawn through which it sometimes feel nice to shove your fingers. The theories were many. They will make you think. They will make you wonder.

Ok, you’ve got a point there. A valid point. But it’s nowhere near as accurate as this gem:

I MEAN! Taylor’s response racked up over 370,000 likes and 120,000 retweets, prompting some to contribute their own name for this ceiling handle which has been around for god knows how long but for some reason is only now being questioned:

SEE? Texas IS progressive in some ways! Anyway, while she’s at it Taylor would like to remind y’all:

*Absolutely false.