Author Shares Incredible True Story Of Discovering Her Name Before Her Adoption

There are so many incredible adoption stories out there, but this one by author Summer Heacock might just take the cake. Honestly, it gave me the chills.

Often, when kids are put up for adoption, if their parents didn’t name them, they are given a name by the agency caring for them. Heacock says she had always joked that she’d been given the name Heather, and it was radiating out of her and entering people’s brains, or something.

There was obviously a lot of stuff to cover with her bio family when she met them, but eventually it occurred to her to ask what that assigned baby-name was, if they possibly knew:

You probably saw this coming, but it’s still pretty unbelievable: it was Heather.

The family had been looking for Heacock for three years and even hired a private detective. That detective located her original birth certificate, which was different from the one issued to her adoptive parents. It did indeed say “Heather” on it.

You can, indeed, search Heacock’s old tweets under the hashtag #NotHeather and see all the times she’s complain about this strange coincidence:

The twist is that she was a Heather all along. Also, Summer and Heather are from the same branch of the hippie-preppie name family, anyone could confuse them.