This Woman Came Up With A ‘Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game’ And It’ll Probably Kill Your Liver

Every year, The Hallmark Channel comes out with their “Countdown to Christmas” movie roster. While everyone loves to watch some themed movies in order to get in the true holiday spirit, some people don’t always love relying on only Hallmark for their movie marathons.

It’s true that the movies they include usually end up sappy, romantic and super cheesy (to say the least), so getting your boyfriend or husband to watch them all is probably going to be a challenge. But, if you entice him with a drinking game where he’ll probably get so drunk he’ll black out – now, that’s something he’ll be into.

Brittany Graves came up with this idea to probably entice her husband to watch the movies with her. Seeing as her caption is:

We invented a drinking game that works with any of them! My hubby actually watches with me now lol

Well, yeah, I might watch every single movie with you too, Britt because this is pure genius. Basically, Brittany breaks each drink down by a common theme or occurrence in Hallmark Christmas movies – for example – a main character’s name related to Christmas, a mistletoe, the couple getting snowed in somewhere, etc. You’re also supposed to “finish drinking” once your cynical friend is in the Christmas spirit (which, may be hard). Or, when it’s finally Christmas – yay!

Posted by Brittany Graves on Monday, December 12, 2016

Also – that bonus can get pretty dangerous, seeing as there are definitely movies starring Candance Cameron Buré or Lacey Chabert.