27 Times People Accidentally Texted The Person They Were Talking Smack About

It happens to the best of us sometimes—we are so worked up and angry about something that we completely space out and accidentally text the wrong person.

Sometimes, it’s totally okay and we can simply say, “wrong text.” Other times, we can’t turn back.

Why? Because we accidentally text someone we’re talking sh*t about, everything bad about them. Imagine venting to your friend about someone who really, really pissed you off only to find out you had accidentally texted the person who really, really pissed you off–not good.

People are sharing the stories of texting the wrong person and it’s not pretty.


one time I was talking to my mom about how annoying a friend of mine was. Before I started talking to my mom I was texting this friend and her conversation was still open on my phone but my phone was locked. Turns out my phone was recording the conversation and sent it to my friend. The creepy part is that it only recorded the specific part where I was talking shit about her and not the other stuff I was telling my mom. I said to her it was a joke, she didn’t believe me but we’re still friends.



I still pretend this never happened – but in December last year, I met this guy through a friend. He was kind of an asshole but in a funny way and he got my Snapchat at the end of the night. The next day, he asked to hang out and I begrudgingly said yes. I was snapchatting about 4 friends at once and sent a snap that said “I have to hang out with an ass of a guy today and I really don’t want to.” Aaaaand I accidentally sent it to him. Yup. He asked if it was about him and I said no, it’s about another guy I was hanging out with later that night. I formulated a whole story about why this “guy” was an ass.



I once was trying to send a screenshot of my crush and I on FaceTime to another friend, and accidentally sent the screenshot to him! I was so embarrassed when I had to not only explain why I sent him the photo, but also why I took the picture in the first place! We pretty much just stopped talking after that…



This was around the time that Snapchat was still new and I didn’t realize that it notified the person if you took screen shots, even of the conversation you were having. I have no clue what we were fighting about, but basically one of my other girlfriends and I were both mad at this one friend and I was arguing with the one we were mad at on Snapchat. I wanted to show my best friend the bs she was saying, so I took a screen shot and then saw the little arrow that says they were notified and was immediately like “oh shit!!!” I played it off like I tried to close the app and turn my phone off at the same time. But really I was screen shotting the conversation.



I was on a 5 hour road trip with my two older sister’s and my 2 year old niece. The mother to my niece was getting really frustrated with my other sister (they are complete opposites and have never really gotten along) because she kept trying to do everything for my niece, making her mom feel like she wasn’t doing anything right. Well, my parents were driving in another car so my sister sent a looooong text to my mom about how horrible she was being and how pissed off she was. We stopped for gas and my sister said “next time you want to text about how horrible I am, make sure you send it to the right person”

Talk about an awkward drive. We had 3 hours left.



One time I was on my way to party that my roommate was throwing, but first I had to run a few errands with my gf. We get to her dorm so she could change and I waited in the car for her. I (thought) I texted my roommate “we’re on our way my gf is just being slow af, as usual” then my gf’s phone goes off (she left it in the car) and I realize that I accidentally sent her the text. Luckily I was able to get into her phone and delete the text before she saw it.



i know a girl who always complains about her life on her story on snapchat and i took a screenshot of me sliding up and sending “no one cares” to send to my friends as a joke. i accidentally sent it to the group chat she was in… thank god for he snapchat update where you can delete a message and they can’t see what you deleted



This girl at work was annoying me one day (even though I considered her a new friend and typically enjoyed working with her). But she made a comment about baking, and apparently that’s my trigger, so I THOUGHT I had texted my mom ranting about it, but saw I had sent it to the girl I was ranting about as soon as I hit send. I went into straight panic mode waiting for her to check her phone IN OUR OFFICE TOGETHER! A little quick thinking and I have to say… I think I saved it. We’re still good friends! Lol



Wasn’t so much talking shit as it was a foot in the mouth situation. I was trying to text my friend, saying that I was going to dump my then girlfriend Amber. I actually texted Amber and not my friend.



I’d recently gone through a devastating breakup that occurred out of the blue, but had been trying to remain “friends” with my ex. I later realized this was a bad idea and only delayed my ability to move on from the situation. Anyway, after one particular phone call, I was frustrated that he still sought me out for advice (among other things), and I texted as much (in not as kind wording), to my best friend. Only, of course, I actually sent it to him. The best part was I didn’t realize my mistake until I received his reply of “Ummm….” Mortified, to say the least.



When I was in high school this one class I was taking had a huge group chat for our period that included the teacher. We had a group project assigned one weekend and my friend did the majority of the work because I had other commitments and she said it wasn’t a big deal. We get back to class Monday to find out that our teacher gave us the wrong assignment and that we need to redo EVERYTHING. Naturally she was pissed so we were texting about it but people were also texting in the class group chat. I click on the wrong text and send a message that says, “Yeah that was really crappy of [teachers name] to do.” in the group chat THAT THE TEACHER IS IN.



Omg smh I’m embarrassed just remembering it. So there was this guy in my 10th grade history class. Nice enough guy but I didnt think of him in that way. (I was just realizing that I’m like 90% into girls) so my bff was friends with him too and she knew he was into me so she gives him my number and he hits me up. honestly i only replied so that my friend would leave me alone about not talking to guys. Long story short one night I was texting him and my bff at the same time, and she’s trying to convince me to go out with him and he’s making polite convo building up to the big question when I tell her like “No, I’m not into him, but idk how to get him to leave me alone without being mean” and of course I send it to him on accident. I was so embarrassed I screamed out loud (in typical dramatic teenage girl fashion), scaring the shit out of my aunt who thought I must’ve been being murdered or something. Needless to say he left me alone after that. He didn’t take it too bad and was always still really nice to me whenever we saw each other.



My friend has 12 siblings. While explaining this to another friend of mine I said something along the lines of “apparently her parents don’t believe in birth control”. But, you guessed it, I accidentally texted it to the friend with 12 siblings. Hard to pretend you’re talking about someone else… whoops!



When I was 15 I got into a huge fight with my mom (teenage angst style) and quickly shot off an “I hate my mom text” to my best friend, or so I thought. NOPE! Sent it to my mom, and was grounded for 2 weeks



One time, my sister got hit in the face by a couch she was moving. She proceeded to post a picture of her bruised eye and a comment “couch kicked my ass!”

I went to text her and say “how’s your ass face?”

The text however went to my ex wife.

It was glorious.



I didn’t talk shit per se, but it was VERY awkward nevertheless. I was on Tinder, and I ended up texting with two boys (let’s call them A and B) at the same time, and I told both I wasn’t talking to anyone but them. I kinda liked A more, but still talked with B. And when A texted me something cute, I freaked out and started texting my friend “OMG HE TEXTED ME THIS CAN YOU SEE IT” with screenshots. When I got a “Hey, what’s this?” response I was instantly filled with terror. All of this was sent to B. I deleted the messages and said some stupid lie. We don’t talk anymore, I still can’t get over it.



when I was working at a bank we had multiple group texts. I know a recipe for disaster. One day my coworker and I were complaining about our new manager and how awful he was at his job and I said something along the lines of he really sucks at his job but I sent it to the group text he was in instead of the text between her, our assistant manager and myself. Work was awkward for the next few days. He eventually quit and I can’t help but think it was my fault. Oops.



My cousin and I were dog sitting for my aunt and uncle while they were away for the weekend and we thought it’d be fun to throw ourselves a little party in their absence. Well, I got drank a little too much and just didn’t feel good so I needed to go to lay down. My cousin insisted on waking me up a thousand times to encourage me to drink some more… so I meant to text my mother that she needed to chill the fuck out, she was really pissing me off, and that this is why we can never drink together because she’s a sloppy, disgusting drunk… well I sent it to her on accident. She left me alone after that so I guess I won.

…but then I later lost whenever she invited a random dude over, for insanely drunk before he arrived, and then this poor dude had to baby sit her all night because she wouldn’t chill out or go to sleep. I ended up not being able to have a good time whatsoever and had to clean up after my drunk cousin’s mess. We rarely talk now, she went down a path I ran the hell away from.



Oh god-my first love and i had a long, drawn out, on again off again relationship. We couldn’t quit each other. Well i was working my dream job and 2 weeks after we were off again for the last time he applied to work there for HIS dream job apparently. I didn’t want to sabotage it so said nothing while dying inside watching the interview process. My boss finally decided to go with another candidate and, very relieved, I texted my best friend he didn’t get the job. Eeeeeexcept i accidentally sent it to him. Before he got the formal rejection. Ooooops.



Not shit-talking, but I once accidentally texted the guest of honor about her own surprise baby shower. Meant to text my friend to ask if she was coming. Totally ruined the surprise.



My boyfriend, my sister, and I were at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. When we were departing, my dad pulled me aside and said, “You know (boyfriend’s name) asked me last night if he could marry you, right?” !!!! NO. I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT FUCKING KNOW THIS. (Really, who does that?!) We leave and in the car I’m virtually bursting and have to tell my sister, sitting in the seat next to me. I text her “OMG, DAD TOLD ME (boyfriend) ASKED TO MARRY ME!!!!!!”. Sadly, in my shaky and excited haste, I ACCIDENTALLY TEXTED MY BOYFRIEND SITTING IN THE BACK SEAT. From the back, I hear this quiet and shattered “What???” as he read the text. Yep, dad deliberately spilled the beans, and then I accidentally texted my boyfriend instead of texting my sister. Anyway, he was still able to pull off a surprise proposal months later, and we’ve been married for five years.



I was dropping off some belongings to an ex-friend at her job, where I also used to work. The exchange was awkward, but painless. As I was leaving a few minutes later, she was outside with one of my old coworkers, who said something to me so i walked over. Long story short, the coworker left and I was stuck talking to my ex-friend. She continued on the conversation but I was definitely uncomfortable and wanted to leave. Once i left and was back in my car, i typed out a message to my friend who knew my ex-friend about how i got stuck talking to her outside for like 20 minutes and how awkward it was. I was driving (i know texting and driving, not a good idea) and didn’t realize that i actually sent that message to my ex-friend until she RESPONDED saying “thanks…. it was great catching up with you too”. After calling myself a moron repeatedly i deleted the text thread and blocked her number



I went on a first date with a guy and didn’t have a terrible time but I just didn’t feel a connection. He texted me the last day saying he had a wonderful time and that he wanted to go on a second. I screenshotted it to send to a friend, asking how to let him down gently. Little did I know that I sent it to HIM instead. Safe to say, there wasn’t a second date after that.



I always thought my high school bio teacher was hitting on me (after I graduated). One day he sent me a weird Facebook message complimenting the shirt I was wearing, but the compliment was a tad bit creepy. I screenshotted it, thought I was sending it to my best friend with the caption “lol k.” Turns out I just sent it back to him. Oh and I also sent him a meme about Kim K’s sex tape right after (again, thinking i was messaging my best friend). Long story short, we never talked again.



In high school, my best friend tried to set me up with one of her old friends. I began messaging him and my friend back and forth, reporting back to her everything I thought about him. At one point I sent him a screenshot of a text HE had just sent me, followed by the comment, “He thinks he’s so smooth when he’s really just weird. It’s getting on my nerves.”
Needless to say, he immediately stopped talking to me after that. My friend practically died laughing when she found out.



I was on trip with my family (and my brothers new fiancé) to Disneyland. We were there for almost a week and I didn’t necessarily get along with my brothers fiancé. I reached my last straw waiting for our shuttle to leave and take us to the airport and texted my sister about how annoying my future sister in law was and how she had an attitude problem… the only problem was that I accidentally sent the text to her instead of my sister and she was sitting right next to me. Needless to say the flight home was uncomfortable and my mom wouldn’t even leave us alone in the same area



I was riding in the car with my sister one time and my best friend at the time was texting me and complaining about her boyfriend. I told my sister that I hated my friends boyfriend and I was sick of her only texting me to complain about him, especially because she wasn’t going to dump him. Turns out I accidentally hit the microphone button on my phone AND send. She read everything I said! We aren’t friends anymore because of this boyfriend issue.


h/t: Buzzfeed