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Woman Gets The Sweetest Revenge On Co-Worker Who Told Everyone To Ignore Her Birthday

Birthdays are important to a lot of people, as they should be. They should be celebrated and there should be cupcakes and everyone should be nice to you on your birthday.

Unfortunately, that’s not always how the real world works. Like this woman who posted on Imgur about a petty co-worker who did something really almost unforgivably mean to her on her birthday.

The woman started her story by explaining how her one female co-worker always planned fun birthday parties and gifts for the staff.

But the day before her birthday, the woman posting (who is on Imgur as AppleDarling) said that a co-worker wished her a happy birthday since he thought she wasn’t coming in the following day. And why did he think that? Oh, just because the female co-worker told everyone that AppleDarling wasn’t coming in and that they didn’t need to do anything for her birthday.

People on Imgur weighed in with advice, telling her she should just bring her own cake or cupcakes and “be better than” the catty co-worker who tried to ruin her birthday.

So AppleDarling’s day was almost done and still nobody had done anything for her birthday. So she took it upon herself to call a friend to bring in some cupcakes for her.

She later said she wasn’t sure why she got cupcakes for herself, but she knew she was “too old for drama,” and she even gave one to the mean female co-worker.

But that wasn’t the end of her story. It turns out, some people in another department heard about what had happened to this poor woman and decided to give her some belated birthday attention.

They decorated her desk and left her a sweet card.

And as for the mean co-worker, it seemed that she came around to the side of niceness. She even brought AppleDarling some hot chocolate and “pepermint shnoops.” (Could she mean peppermint Schnapps? We’ll never know.)

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