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People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Cats Hiding From The Vet And They’re Hilarious

Taking a pet to see the veterinarian can be very stressful, for both owner and animal. Most pets are not really very keen on seeing the vet, and what with the shots from the needle and/or the ol’ thermometer up the butt, you can’t really blame them.

Writer Ashly Perez took her cat to the vet, where he very much did not want to be, and he kept trying to hide. Of course, he’s a cat, so his idea of hiding was just sticking his head into a trash hole.

Perez took pictures of her cat and posted them on Twitter in one tweet that soon went mega-viral.

The pictures are especially hilarious because if you didn’t know there was a trash hole there, it would just look like he has no head.

You know that cat is just trying to figure out a way to go completely boneless and slip into the hole.

People on the internet found Perez and her cat highly relatable and started sharing pictures of their own cats in similar “hiding” positions.

This cat had the same idea about the trash hole.

This kitty has gone full Blair Witch Project.

Most cats chose to hide in the sink. Not the best hiding place, maybe, but hey, any port in a storm, right?


Take a cue from your cat and next time you have to see the doctor, try hiding.


H/T Bored Panda