Man Gives His Mormon Mom A Portrait Of Obi-Wan For Christmas And Tells Her It’s Jesus

What do you do when you give a joke gift and nobody gets the joke? And then they hang the joke on the wall and start praising and worshipping the joke?

That’s the very unique dilemma that a Reddit user faced recently after giving his Mormon mother a portrait of Jesus that was clearly a portrait of Ewan MacGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.

In a post made on the Star Wars-themed “Prequel Memes” subreddit, a user named Ryan posted:

I’ve made a huge mistake. Mom loves her Jesus Christmas present and I’m not sure how to get out of this thing alive when she figures out. from PrequelMemes

Honestly it’s an easy mistake to make.

The Westernized blond-haired, blue-eyed propaganda version of Jesus is a dead ringer for Ewan MacGregor and once you add those clerical-looking Jedi robes the resemblance is striking. And the Jedi are, after all, an order of warrior monks or space paladins so we’re really splitting hairs with a lightsaber here on what constitutes acceptable religious iconography.

Furthermore, for some people, presumably including the space-nerds of /r/PrequelMemes, Star Wars really is a religion. So it’s not that far off.

Some commenters thought the poster would face his religious mother’s holy wrath.

Others thought it would be fine.

While others were just happy that this is a thing that happened.

This being the internet, it’s of cous impossible to know whether Ryan’s mom is actually in on the gag, but it’s exponentially more amusing to believe that she isn’t, so that’s what we’re all going to do.

May she pray to this image every day.

h/t: Reddit