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24 Of The Worst TV And Movie Stereotypes, According To Twitter

If you’ve watched enough movies, you start to become familiar with the tropes associated with certain types of people. You know, the movie character stereotypes like the harried soccer mom, or the fat best friend, or the loose cannon cop who’s the best at what he or she does but refuses to play by the rules. They can be tiresome, but when called out and identified, they’re actually pretty funny.

Rory Turnbull, an assistant linguistics professor in Hawaii (according to his Twitter bio) tweeted a movie trope about his profession that nailed the stereotype so hard the tweet went totally viral.

“Hello, I’m a professor in a movie,” he wrote. “I only reach the main point of my lecture right as class is ending. Then I yell at students about the reading/homework as they leave.”

Yup, that pretty much sums up like 90 percent of professor scenes in any movie ever. They always get to their point just as the bell rings, and then shout some stuff about homework or a test or something as the students gather up their belongings and begin to file out. You can see the scene in your head as you read the tweet. It’s perfect.

As Turnbull’s tweet went viral, a meme began with lots of people tweeting out the particulars of other tired, old movie tropes.

1. Like the freelance writer in a movie who lives in a spacious NYC apartment.

2. Or the nerdy coder who types super fast and never makes mistakes.

3. The rabbi in the movie who says things a real rabbi would never say.

4. The doctor who pressures an underling into a romantic relationship.

5. The constantly drunk journalist who still turns in great work.

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6. The data journalist who…wait, who?

7. The lawyer who beats all the odds.

8. The shady graduate student.

9. The “slutty” bisexual woman who never stops talking about being bi.

10. The novelist whose editor reads the book immediately and breathlessly.

11. The high school teacher who doesn’t seem to worry about dress code violations.

12. The deaf person with lip-reading superpowers.

13. The Rain Man-clone autistic guy.

14. The literary agent with the statement necklace.

15. The black woman who is only there to support the white woman.

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16. The hacker who can get into any system within seconds.

17. The “knitter” who is actually doing crochet.

18. The female newspaper journalist who sleeps with her sources.

19. The one-dimensional Muslim.

20. The scientist in the white lab coat.

21. The vulnerable woman in a dangerous situation who doesn’t ever lock the damn door. Come on, lady!

22. The fat girl who has to be the butt of all the jokes.

23. The person who orders a “beer” at a bar.

24. And the fruit cart that is constantly being destroyed.

Those poor fruit carts never fare well in any car chase scene.